| Who. is. God? |

I just jumped into a Bible study with the sweetest ladies and was BLOWN away the first week.  My mom and sisters and I decided to begin a David Platt study at a local church because we love him (duh), but also because we are preparing ourselves for Secret Church live!  Yay!

This study goes over questions like, “Why are we here?”, “Can we know God, and if so, how?”, “When can we know God?”, but most importantly, “Who is God?”.  This is crazy deep and I have to process everything I heard/read tonight!  I have an amazing relationship with God, but it’s a lifelong journey with the ultimate goal being about living ONLY for Jesus and sharing about Him to everyone I possibly can!  It’s about learning to be obedient in everything- obedience is not legalism, but springs out of grace.  It’s about sharing the relationship I have with Him.  Sharing how He can break chains and bring restoration and freedom!

Learning some of the names of God and what they mean/lead to is humbling!  Seeing how God worked His Word, names, and purpose into one cohesive and coherent work is exhilarating!   Asking myself, “Am I willing to live…AND die for this one name?”  Do I have confidence and faith in the same name that healed the blind and lepers, set the captives free, and sent His ONLY son to die for me??  Realizing, as David Platt said, that “I am the place where the name of God dwells.”  That is powerful.

The Lord has a personality!  He is GOOD.  He is the powerful Creator.  He is the sufficient Sustainer.  He is God.  He is LORD (YAHWEH).  And the enemy will NOT even acknowledge this… he can’t because then it will all be over.  It really already is over because Christ is victorious, but that final day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue will have to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:9-10).  That is a day I long for!

“Christ dazzles me and stirs within me such feelings of amazement that I can never get over Him.”-A W Tozer


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