| overwhelmed |


When life is chaotic it’s easy to get consumed by feelings and what if’s.  I go into “fix-it” mode and think my words or actions can change a situation.  I have to get back to Step 1: admit that I am powerless.  I have to continually surrender to God and let Him lead the way.

Having faith is not sitting back and letting things slide along, expecting God to do all the work.  But, it’s not forcing my way or expectations on others either.  Feeling powerless is a completely scary feeling… on the other hand, it is also completely freeing.

My greatest fear is to be consumed by people and things of this world.  This world is finite and will end, but there is greater coming.  Though I hold tightly to the ones I love, I have to learn to let them go in a way- I can love them and treat them with kindness, but I do not own these people.  Everything comes to an end; who knows what will happen tomorrow?

I am learning to be intentional in everything I do… saying what needs to be said in love and striving to treat others with the unconditional love, mercy, forgiveness and grace that Jesus has shown me.  And that has to be enough.  Because my Lord is enough.  I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and at the end, all the wrongs will come to light.  So when I am overwhelmed and | powerless |, that must be enough.  Because Jesus is enough.


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