| What’s in a name ? |

Elohim.  Yahweh/Jehovah.  Adonai.  El Elyon.  El Shaddai.  Jehovah Jireh.  Jehovah Sabaoth.  Jehovah Rophe.  Jehovah Nissi.  Jehovah Mekadesh.  Jehovah Shalom.  Jehovah Tsidkenu.  Jehovah Shammah.  Jehovah Rohi.  Father.  King.  Judge.  Redeemer.  Potter.  Light.  Rock.  Fortress.  Shield.  Consuming Fire.

Whoa.  These names of God, chosen by Him and revealed to us still cannot surpass His being.  He is indescribable.  But these names are oh so important because they show His character… I dug into this Bible study (Secret Church: Who is God?) with the intention of growing deeper and learning to trust more.  I am such a logical, straightforward kind of person that even though Christ set me free and saved my life, I still have trouble trusting Something I cannot see and still question some days.  God is such a personal God that He is directly showing Himself to me through this study.

He is the Creator and not just my Sustainer, but He is sufficient over EVERYTHING!  He is Lord.  He is sovereign and asks for complete submission of those who follow Him.  I am his steward and servant.  Joining God in this life is not some back-and-forth ride, it is either 100% all in or nothing.  

He is most high and exalted over everything!  He ALONE is able to meet all of my needs.  He is all-mighty, guaranteeing His Word to be true and His provision for my life.  He will provide: He sees my needs beforehand even when I have no idea what’s coming.  He is the Lord of hosts and armies!  He is the Lord who heals, cures, and restores.  I have learned that God’s healing may be physical or mental in this lifetime, but it also could be eternal healing.  His thoughts are not my thoughts.  His ways are not my ways, they are higher and mightier, spreading across the lifespan into eternity.

He is my banner.  He is my identity- covers my insecurities and gives me strength and confidence in Him.  He UNITES us together and is our victory.  He sanctifies us and makes us Holy and acceptable to come before Him boldly, humbly, and expectantly.  He is my peace and rest.  He is my righteousness and He is here with me.  

He is a personal God, just read Psalm 23.  Nothing I do or don’t do will affect how He loves me and provides for me- His actions are based on His grace, not on me and my ability.  And yet, with all of these holy names and characteristics He gives us… He wants us to call Him Abba Father.  That is such an intimate privilege.  Christ enabled us to be free with the presence of the Holy Spirit living in us.  We are no longer bound by rules and legalism…but can come simply before this all-powerful, almighty God, and call Him Father.

Learning who God is and the freedom we have to bypass some of the traditions of the Old Testament brings about a new reverence and view of God.  I want to know His names and who He is because He is my everything.  He is all of these things, but He is not untouchable with His holiness and perfection!  He pursues us with a passion, calls us by our names, and gives us an opportunity to enter into an incredible relationship that has no end, unlike this world.  I’m so glad I began this journey with God three years ago, because after knowing the power and strength of my Father, I will never be the same.


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