| God doesn’t need me |

God doesn’t need me… that hit me so incredibly hard today.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’m currently halfway through Secret Church: Who is God- YAY!  Every week is more mindblowing than the last.  Tonight’s lesson was such a deep discussion on the attributes of God.  His attributes are personal, describing who He is.  He IS His own attributes [fully] at all times; they make up the essence/Godness of Himself.  They help us understand Him and how He acts, they are permanent and praiseworthy.  God cannot be more or less.  He is perfect.  

This brings up something I have never thought of before.  God’s glory is both His supreme passion and our supreme satisfaction.  Everything God does is for His own glory because He is a God-centered God.  Whenever I have heard this before, I have honestly thought that was kind of weird and selfish and never actually thought about it!!  I just waved the thought of that far away.  But it’s because He has that right!  He is God, the Intelligent Creator of the universe… if He doesn’t exalt Himself then who exactly is greater for Him to exalt?  My greatest gift, my life-sustainment is found in following and glorying Him, which He then, in turn, uses to glorify Himself.  Crazy!!!!

I believe in God not only because He saved my life, but also because I can look at creation and see His intelligent design.  Out of nothing comes nothing!  I cannot believe I used to be atheist/agnostic now knowing what I know.  David Platt’s arguments just blow my mind!  If someone doesn’t believe in God, philosophically speaking, he or she must have searched and found all knowledge (in the whole world/atmosphere technically) to prove this; that in turn would make him or her God, which is totally self-defeating.  Learning this in school along with studying the Bible is such an incredible experience.  Another reason that 100% proves God’s existence, is the subject of morality- if we are products of mere evolution we would have NO need for objective moral values.  Immanuel Kant, a skeptic, argued that God exists precisely because of this point!  Rene Descartes also came to the conclusion there must be a great God.  

Though God is the Creator of everything and revealed Himself to us through creation, design, morality, and His word, He was not created.  The self-existent, self-sufficient cause of our world has NO cause.  He is | independent |.  This led me into seeing that He does not need me.  God does not need me.  God does not need you.  God does not need anyone.  He didn’t create us because He was lonely or needed companionship or needed someone to fulfill His wishes or worship Him or to disciple others, and so on, like many of us have heard growing up in church.  He created us, loves us, gives us free-choice, all to glorify Himself!  This amazing God created us with God-shaped voids.  We are constantly searching and pursuing things to fill it, but nothing except a relationship with Him will fulfill us.  This is because OUR meaning and significance in life is found in our need for God and in embracing HIS significance.  He didn’t have to bring this world or us about, He doesn’t need us to share the gospel, but He allows us to serve Him because He loves us.  Completely unselfishly.

“God exists for Himself.

We exist for God.”

I can’t even get into God and timelessness- it’s overwhelming and leaves me in awe to even try to comprehend how big our Heavenly Father is.  But… as big and mighty and independent as He is, He is ALWAYS present.  Always accessible to us.  His Holy Spirit is residing with me, in me, anyone in a relationship with God.  There is so much more to learn, so much more to say and discuss, but I’m just going to end it here because I need to lean into my Jesus tonight to process what He is teaching me.  So thankful I have an opportunity to dig in deeper and learn more about the God of truth, love, and grace and share His hope and majestic-ness with others.  There are so many Scriptures that are the basis of this study, so just DM if you are interested in learning more!


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