| When God isn’t Enough |

I am so happy Spring is officially here! I’m ready for warm and sunny days spent on the beach, though that’s not likely to happen often. Haha. Maybe I’ll hit the beach twice a week at most with the school load I currently have.

Spring is such a joyful time, but I think it is also a time when difficult situations or seasons of life are really apparent; they stick out. Depression, loneliness, illness, addiction… these are just some of the issues I think of.

During the time when things are made new and bright and beautiful, people may feel even more alone in their struggles since it is a negative time. I have heard (and thought personally) that maybe God isn’t enough? There is a mindset in the Christian community that really needs to be completely torn down. “If something is wrong with you, you don’t have enough faith!” “If you want more money and a bigger house, pray more!” “If you are struggling with an illness, it’s because God is punishing you for sin!”

These few examples make me so upset! First, they are not biblical. Second, they are actually cruel! God created us in His image with logical minds to think and make rational decisions. He leads us to doctors and therapy and treatments for help with mental or physical issues. Instead of worrying about having a bigger anything or more of everything, we are told to give what we can away- we want to be free of this world to follow Jesus!

When people are told to ignore avenues of assistance for issues and that whatever they are dealing with is because they are being punished or not praying hard enough, of course doubt creeps in! Doubt regarding whether there is any point to try to follow God because the person keeps failing and has no real understanding of the concept of grace, only legalism. Doubt regarding whether God really is victorious or for us.

God instructs us to “do what is right, love mercy, and to walk humbly…” (Micah 6:8) with Him. He works things together for those who trust Him, for His glory! With the fall of the world and it’s ever-worsening state of decay, moral and natural evils are only becoming more frequent. States of depression or anxiety, cancer and diabetes are natural disasters- they are illnesses that can be genetic or not, but came into existence when perfection left the world.

So many people struggle with mental or physical issues and don’t get help because of the stigma or feared judgement! We, as Christians, should be providing love and support and encouragement for anyone struggling to get the help he or she needs!  

God is the ultimate healer, but He also provides doctors and teams to carry out His healing. I have seen several friends commit suicide because they thought they were “better” and didn’t need medicine/treatment because Christ was enough. I am NOT saying that Jesus sometimes isn’t enough, I am saying that any truth is God’s truth, any ultimate good is of God. When He provides help, it is up to us to follow in obedience and actively accept that help.

I have struggled with depression, addiction, an eating disorder, you name it. I am so thankful that I was surrounded by family that encouraged me and prayed for me to seek and accept help; now I am in such a healthy place! My prayer for whoever is reading this is to put aside misconceptions and preconceived notions regarding different struggles people have, to actively pray for those around you, involve yourself in how God is moving, and support those asking for help. Break the stigma by shining light into this dark world.  


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