| “Do you love me?” |

I’m reading Audacious by Beth Moore currently… and wow. This book is really intense: it asks the hard questions that really hit the core of a relationship with Christ. When Beth brings up the situation of Jesus asking Simon Peter three times, “Do you love me?”, she wants the reader to really look at her life.

When I ponder that question, do I really love God, it’s always an automatic YES! I mean obviously, He saved my life. But this book is showing me to really analyze my relationship with God, to test my words and actions against truth. It’s not enough to just say I love Jesus with my whole heart out of response to what He has done; my entire life needs to be a reflection of that statement.  

If I truly love God, why do I hesitate to follow Him in some areas? If I truly love God, why am I still so selfish in holding onto my life? If I truly love God, why do I keep putting my trust and expectations into others and not Him?  

Loving God isn’t a to-do list, checking off all the things I do “to prove” my love for Him is real. Loving Him is honestly following Him, talking about everything with Him, being still in His presence and listening to Him. There is an emotional aspect to this; even though I can’t physically “feel” God, I definitely feel Him spiritually and emotionally.

John Piper talks about how worship is the ultimate goal of believers. Humbly worshipping my Creator is when I most clearly feel His presence and it is incredible, which is part of my answer to the question of truly loving God. I run my life so much based off of my feelings- I truly love my Heavenly Father, but I also am working on keeping up my relationship with Him in times when I don’t feel Him being with me. Because He IS always with me, will never leave or forsake me, no matter how I feel!

“The love Jesus longs for is not just devotion. It’s also emotion. It’s not just volition. It is also affection. It is not just discipline. It is also passion. It’s not just routine. It is also romance… Love is the catalyst. The holy cause and effect” (Pg 28, Audacious).

Amazing. Beth shares a verse with this discussion which is absolutely perfect! Since love is the catalyst, that means Christ’s love compels us- when we are compelled, we are propelled into God’s purpose for our lives (2 Corinthians 5:14). This could be small, everyday tasks, or seeing maybe a bigger picture for the future. Loving God means being completely compelled and enraptured with following Him, which in turn brings Him ultimate glory.  

Sitting in awe of God and how He created people with this void that can only be fulfilled by Him… but when it’s fulfilled, oh boy, the most complete joy and satisfaction of glorifying God is experienced. No words can describe it.


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