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This post has been suggested to me, so I’m finally getting around to posting it! I’ll be implementing a post of my favorite things of the month the last week of every month!

I actually love these kinds of things because there’s always books I want to read or products I want to try, but I always want to know how someone else feels about it before I waste my money! Haha

1. Starbucks Fave- of course it’s at the top of the list! This is delicious and I literally get it every single time, hot and iced are both amazing! 😍

2. Food fave- Acai bowls

So refreshing, healthy, and full of antioxidants! This is my favorite spring/summer breakfast because there’s so many ways to change it up! Pinterest has so many recipe options for acai bowls!

3. Fave song – this is kind of old, but now that it feels like summer I have it on all the time!

4. Fave book 
Reading through this right now and it’s exactly what I needed! Check it out!

5. The Scripture that I’m clinging to right now is all about walking in grace, giving it towards others, and being kind when I don’t feel like it. Conviction. 🙌🏼

Colossians 4:2-6 . Go read it !

6. I hate having lots of Apps, but this is a favorite because there is so much to it! Download IfGathering App for devotionals and a community of women to interact with about what God is showing you through his Word. I’m currently doing a study: “Enjoying Jesus”… and wow, it is so relevant to what I am going through in life. So thankful for this resource!

7. Fave item from shopping- Steve Madden Brando.
Wear these all day everyday! So cute and less than half the price of Birks! How can you not?

8. Best new makeup/body product.
$7 to make my face bubble? FUN for days!

9. Fave memory so far this year.

10. Fave movie/tv show.

13 reasons. It’s kind of funny that this show has everyone giving their opionion as the end-all, be-all. Either “Nobody watch this show, it’s dangerous!”, or “Be informed, this is so real”. Not using real direct quotes btw. I related to the realness… If you think it’s too real and crazy then you’re probably super naive and not aware of your surroundings. But I definitely think anyone who has self-harmed, is suicidal or depressed should not watch because of how graphic it is. That’s all I’m going to say on this! 👍🏼

Let me know your favorites for this month so I can check them out! 


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