| Milestones |

Happy that today is 3 1/2 years free from heroin!

Every milestone, the farther I am from my past, makes life a little easier. I’m not going to lie and say I never think about using or never have cravings, but it’s not like it was. Now its rare, only every now and then. The difference is that now I have a choice. Now I can take my thoughts captive. I can utilize my accountability people and talk things out. The addiction loses its power that way.

I hope that if anyone else is suffering from the disease of addiction or knows someone that is, there is hope. It’s not about trying to stay clean forever, just one day at a time.  

God is so good. He’s the Creator of dreams and fulfiller of them. He’s given me his desires for my life, I want that now, and he has been making them come true through me following after him! I never thought I would be in the situation I’m in at this point in my life, but I’ve seen God working and I know there is a purpose. He is faithful. A healer. Sustainer. Comforter.

He is why I’m clean. Why I’m alive. Why I was able to continue getting help. So eternally grateful for this life. It’s not easy, or fun all the time, but the thrill of following Jesus is so incredible.


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