| Where is God in the Quiet Seasons? |

Well here we are again on a Wednesday. I almost was just going to post something inspirational and leave it at that… but I remembered I need to talk about something.

When times are tough and I go through periods of struggling, I cry out to God and he brings me through those times. I don’t know what it is about my human nature, but I’ve heard that other people deal with this too: when my life is going good and things slow down, I sometimes forget to keep God on the throne. I forget sometimes my need for him.

My mom and I had coffee with one of the sweetest ladies this week and we discussed the “quiet” times in life. These seasons are not silent- God is preparing us for the next thing he’s going to ask us to step into. He never leaves us. He will never forsake us. I have realized that through me making more of an effort in my relationship with him, he becomes even more prevalent in the slowest seasons of life, convicting my heart and drawing me to him.

I went through a couple of days last week where I was fervently praying, reading his word, following some other spiritual disciples, but I was still just at a loss. One of the days I decided to just blast some Hillsong and Crowder and completely worship my Lord.

Worshipping a big and loving and powerful, yet personal God, is so amazing. I feel like worshipping checks my posture before Christ and reminds me to be humble and obedient. I think taking the focus off of myself and putting it into the amazing attributes of God is just mind-blowing. I couldn’t help but start bawling meditating on what God has done in my life and what he will continue to do.

There isn’t really a specific point I’m trying to make… just that God is always there; he will be found if one seeks him.   I know I talked about worship the other day in relation to fear, but I really think God is using worship in the current space I’m in to teach me new things and convict my heart, and I wanted to share the power of that.

Anyway, I’ll leave you guys with this.

Psalm 100

 On your feet now—applaud God!

    Bring a gift of laughter,

    sing yourselves into his presence.
Know this: God is God, and God, God.

    He made us; we didn’t make him.

    We’re his people, his well-tended sheep.

Enter with the password: “Thank you!”

    Make yourselves at home, talking praise.

    Thank him. Worship him.

[ For God is sheer beauty,]

   | all-generous in love, |

   | loyal always and ever. |


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