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When I went to church on Sunday, the topic was on participation and sharing about God… who he is and what he’s done in our lives.  Participation is such an important aspect of a relationship with God to talk about- it is definitely what I missed all those years when I was growing up going to church and not understanding it. Now, I have seen my life and relationship with God changed through participation!

Participation means to be active in my relationship with God, to be active in sharing the gospel. The pastor demonstrated this with a cycle showing how participation leads to lives being impacted; this leads to a deeper understanding of God, which leads to being outward-focused, and then it’s back to participation.

If I am not actively sharing about Jesus and what he’s done in my life or deepening my relationship with him, my focus is on myself, my desires…. I become selfish and see no need to reach out. I’m not sure if this is making sense. But when someone shares about his or her relationship with God and how his or her life has been transformed, it’s only natural that other people can be changed by that!

The Holy Spirit touches the hearts of others, using transformed people to present hope to them… giving them a chance for eternal freedom and joy. If I am active in sharing the hope of salvation and see other people’s lives being impacted, that gives me a deeper understanding of who God is and what he can do! That is so powerful! This leads me to desire the things of God instead of this world- I become focused on living for him and loving on others instead of selfishly living for myself. This then strengthens me to continue to participate in God’s will and be active in sharing about him!

Once we went through this whole discussion, the pastor had everyone pray together and ask God for an opportunity to share about him. This prayer is no joke. Seriously… every time I pray this, either I encounter someone when I am running errands or something or someone contacts me through social media and wants to know about God and what he’s done in my life. It is literally the craziest thing.  

The first year that I became a Christian I didn’t really talk about what God had done for me… I do think that was fear. That was also addressed in the lesson. It’s normal to be nervous, but we don’t have to have all the answers. It’s ok just to be honest and open and tell someone you don’t know about whatever they ask, but that you can definitely find out!

Towards the end of the lesson, the pastor gave some tips on how to share your faith and what to remember when you’re sharing it to keep you motivated! We can love everyone, but we must also be direct and truthful! You can’t have truth without love or love without truth! It’s oh so important to share our stories- that’s a tangible way people can see how God has transformed us and our lives! We can invite people into our lives and into our church, our community, so they can see what it’s all about… people will want what we have. In the most difficult situations, we can still have peace and joy given to us by the Lord; this who don’t know Christ don’t understand how that is even possible!

We are working with God, aligning ourselves with his will when we are sharing about him. It’s incredible to think we are playing a role in his Holy and divine plan! Sharing about him grows our faith in him and our knowledge of who he is, as well as reminding us of what we have in Christ. He is our identity, our hope, our freedom, our saving grace.  

Here are all the Scriptures behind these thoughts- I definitely needed these reminders this week!  

Philemon 1:4-7

Acts 2:38-41

John 9:1-25

Matthew 18:19-20

Acts 16:16-30


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