| New Things |

I’m so excited! Yesterday, my sisters and I had a work meeting. They own an in-home bakery and hired me to be their social media coordinator. I never thought I would ever be working for them!

Over the years I really messed up our relationship…. during my addiction and ups-and-downs. I pretty much destroyed whatever we had when we were growing up as sisters. Thinking of how I used to be just breaks my heart. I wouldn’t have ever been trusted to work for them.

It is amazing what God has done with the three of us! It’s not that I became just like either of them, or we all molded into the same person; God has brought us closer because of our differences, because we complement each other. We are very much alike, but we have different spiritual gifts and talents and personality characteristics that can benefit each other.

I am so full of joy!!! We don’t all have to agree with everything in each other’s lives, but we have been able to re-build honest and fun and strong relationships with each other. I have always looked up to my sisters for their relationships with God and hated messing up when I started on my own journey with Christ. Now I know that they love me despite my imperfections and just want the best for me. I want the same for them.

It’s just incredible to see restoration above and beyond what I could have imagined! I’m looking forward to this new adventure! It’ll be a lot of hard work, but also a lot of laughter and new memories to add to our collection! Stay tuned!

HE is the only one who can make all things new. ❤️


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