| Oh happy day 😀 🎉 |

I have been going year round with school since I started Spring semester 2015! I knew I would graduate next year, but I have been so over school! I have still been putting in all the effort I can, but it really helped to see my degree completion plan change and finally switch my status. I definitely am more motivated again!

When things like this happen, I am reminded of how far God has brought me. I remember when I first began school, I was extremely scared and insecure. I was only just beginning my relationship with God and living a new life, as well.

I had to learn to change my mindset… I had to stop believing the lies and start believing the people around me that could see my potential and who I truly was!

I studied the word and started meditating on who I was in my relationship with Christ instead of letting my past and insecurities define who I was and what I could or could not accomplish. For me, simply saying affirmations to myself didn’t do anything because I didn’t believe any of it, but when I started praying and claiming the truths and promises of God, things really began to change.

I still question myself and doubt my choices… but God has shown me over and over again that what he leads me to do, he will equip me to do it! But I don’t just sit around and wait- it’s so important to steward the place I’m in well to best honor and glorify God. I want to flourish where I’m planted; be completely open and available to do the scariest, biggest, craziest things.

Every person I meet I try to share Jesus with, whether it’s buying someone coffee or pouring encouragement and love into people. There is no way I can keep the good news to myself when my life has been transformed in such a major way. Following Christ and continually learning to and working on denying myself daily has been the hardest journey of my life- he never ever said it would be easy. But freedom and joy are found in him and after every tough thing I realize how worth it this is.

This life is so short and I don’t want to regret what I didn’t do… my life is about Jesus, sharing what he’s accomplished through me, sharing what he’s helped me through, and if only one person could see him in me, that’s enough.


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