| You know when those sleigh πŸ”” ring |

I forgot to do a “monthly favorites” post last week because of life… see previous posts for more of an explanation. Basically I was just too stressed to keep up blogging with everything else I had going on.

BUT. This post will totally make up for it!

I had a business meeting with my sisters yesterday to pre-plan for seasonal and holiday ideas. I’m so excited for everything coming up! I’m not one of those people who celebrates Christmas in July and I can’t listen to Christmas music for more than the month of December… πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰

I don’t know what happened yesterday, but I’m all about the fall and winter spirit right now! Pumpkins, coffee, buffalo check, glitter, gingerbread, string lights, greenery… bring it ON!

Generosity and kindness are most apparent in others during the holidays. I think I’m so excited to be in a more positive place than I was in recently and maybe that’s why I’m so ready for fall and winter! Time is flying, so that definitely doesn’t hurt, either! Hahaha I’m already also planning for everyone’s Christmas gifts- don’t judge!

Here are a few of my fall/winter faves to get you guys into the spirit too! ⬇️

1. PSL. No explanation necessary.

2. Apple picking and pumpkin patches.

3. My FAVE fall and winter recipes!



4. SHOPPING! Even when I’m not buying anything, the atmosphere is magical!

5. Holiday music 





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