| Friday // Fri-yay |

Life is not a song and doesn’t end like the movies… but everyday I am learning and growing and just appreciating it. I feel like every time I am down or struggling, God literally gives me exactly what I need! Looking back on the last few weeks has shown me that again!

The biggest tip I have for someone going through a hard time, or someone coming out of it with questions, no closure, whatever… is to make a gratitude list. I learned this in rehab and it makes all the difference!

Writing out all the things I’m thankful for shows me the amazing things in my life. It forces me to look at things I take for granted so that I realize the impact they have.

1. I am so so thankful for my family.  

2. For the opportunity to go through school and apply for my masters after graduation.

3. I don’t know what I would do without my best girlfriends who live near me and far away- who always drop everything when I need them.

4. I’m so thankful I get to work with my sisters and their business, but also that I get to work part-time doing hair, which I love!

5. Coffee… ☕️

6. SUPER thankful for Fridays after a long week!

7. Grateful for the ability to work out because endorphins 👌🏻

This is just the beginning of my list obviously, but I hope you guys try it! If you can’t think of anything, ask the people around you to help.  Living a life of thanksgiving will transform you and the way you think and react.  

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