| Tuesday |

Today is a good day because I finished FINALS! I’m hoping to have A’s in both classes, but I’ll find out next week. Next week will probably not be that great… I start stats & theory, which I’ve heard are the most difficult classes. Crossing my fingers I make it through! I will definitely be … More | Tuesday |

| weekend vibes |

This week has been CRAZY! I have been trying to finish a 15-page paper because next week is finals, along with working and the usual stuff. I’ve also had to deal with insurance and dr. appointments too… yay! I love adulting. πŸ™„ The other day I had to get stitches because the dermatologist found a … More | weekend vibes |

| Giants |

I think I’ve kind of realized the root of what I have been going through the last month… I feel like a situation messed with my head and I got stuck in it. A lot of issues and memories from my past popped up and I didn’t know how to get out of that. I … More | Giants |

| Happy Monday|

This blog post will be SO short because I am super busy today!  I wrote a poem this weekend.  I don’t ever write poetry… I write enough as it is in school and on here and social media.  I was inspired I guess. There’s something about a rainy weekend that promises a fresh start, a … More | Happy Monday|