| New Things |

I’m so excited! Yesterday, my sisters and I had a work meeting. They own an in-home bakery and hired me to be their social media coordinator. I never thought I would ever be working for them! Over the years I really messed up our relationship…. during my addiction and ups-and-downs. I pretty much destroyed whatever … More | New Things |

| Rainy days |

So there’s only three tropical storms going on right now…  I love rainy days!  But not the thunder and tornados.  🙈 I’m listening to one of the best rainy day songs, trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done since I overslept.  😳✌🏼  Happy Wednesday!

| Church |

When my family moved to the beach, I was mostly sad to leave my church and the friends I had made there over anything else. It will be a year in August of living here and, before yesterday, I think I had tried 4-5 churches, either attending or watching the live stream. That really doesn’t … More | Church |

| Get UP |

I’ve been reading The Comeback by Louie Giglio and it has changed my life.  It is so good!  There is NOTHING that compares to the saving, redemptive, and transformative powers of grace through a relationship with Christ!

| fresh starts |

I hate today already. I woke up late and have an overwhelming amount of school to get done. There are also some other things I’m frustrated about… Monday makes a lot of things worse and I don’t even know how!  🙄 It’s a fresh start after the weekend, though, thankfully.  After getting hangry and eating … More | fresh starts |