| promises |

I haven’t blogged in awhile. A lot of things have happened over this year and recently that have been hard. I know life is difficult, but I haven’t done the best with coping. I honestly feel like I have had a crisis of faith recently. My Grandmom passed away after doing so well through her … More | promises |

| all the feels |

This week has already started off crazy! We spent over 12 hours at the hospital yesterday, but I’m so thankful that my Grandmom made it through her surgery. During such a stressful and scary time, it meant so much that the sweetest people kept coming to the hospital, checking on us & praying continually. I … More | all the feels |

| Weekend Vibes |

IT IS NATIONAL COFFEE DAY! So many places are giving away free coffee, not Starbucks, but everyone else. 😭 it’s fine. I’m getting coffee with a sweet friend and I can’t wait! I love starting the weekend off early! Once I get through this hectic weekend, I literally have to get my finals done in … More | Weekend Vibes |

| Never Forget |

I will never forget 9/11. It snuck up on me this year because we were preparing for hurricane Irma. Sixteen years ago I was only eleven years old. I remember my mom getting off the phone with my dad and telling me and my sisters we had to turn on the news right then. It … More | Never Forget |